Welcome to the R (for ecology) school!

My name is Luka and my aim is to teach ecologists and other biologists how to learn R quickly and effectively through step-by-step online courses.

I want to help you do good science. Don't let the R learning curve stand in the way.


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The basics of R (for ecologists) course title with the logo and landscape made of numbers shown to the left
The Basics of R (for ecologists)

Get started with R and master all the essential basics in this complete course on R. This course will take you by the hand and allow you to:

  • Gain a solid foundation of using R as an ecologist
  • Become a pro at exploring and visualizing your own data
  • Feel comfortable preparing even complex datasets for analysis
  • Use R Studio to organize your data projects like a pro
  • Learn best practices for writing good code in R

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Six data visualizations including a scatterplot, boxplot, violin plot, line plot, and histogram
Intro to Data Visualization with R (for ecologists)

Learn how to create and customize the five most common plot types in ecology, and feel relaxed knowing your way around all the essentials of dataviz in R. This course will take you by the hand and allow you to:

  • Become a pro at plotting the five most common figures in ecology
  • Feel comfortable using the powerful ggplot2 package
  • Create publication-quality figures
  • Learn best practices for creating professional figures

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